Cambodia 36 exposures on film in 2022

Srah Srang basin Angkor Wat Cambodia

36 Exposures is my homage to the people of Cambodia.

Cambodia on film 2022

It is also my tribute to film photography and my love for magazines and photo’s in print. The days when Tri-X was the preferred roll of film used by many photojournalists. Each roll of film has 36-37 exposures only.

​Michael Klinkhamer worked and lived in Cambodia since 2010 and shot most of his photo work for magazine assignments and later for his Cambodia photo tours company on digital media.

​For me it’s always about the people and Khmer culture. Portraits, moods, telling street stories and connecting to the people without spilling too many words.

Phnom Penh-Cambodia buddhist life
Phnom Penh street scene with tuk tuk and palm trees
Daily life Phnom Penh market
Phnom Penh market people_2
Phnom Penh market people

​Film photography makes me press the shutter button only when I have that gut feeling that this might actually work, and only then I shoot one or two exposures. A magazine is something you can hold in your hands.

Daily life Phnom Penh 2022
Busy street Phnom Penh

​Early 2022, I was able to get back to Cambodia after almost two years of closed borders due to Covid with a few rolls of 35mm film in my bag. This time I went out often shooting solo and a few times with clients during my Photo tours.

​Naturally I also re-visited Angkor Wat Temples, the epic centre of ancient Khmer culture and of national Cambodian pride.

Here you can follow a part of the photographic journey and my touching base with analog photography. A fight against the grain it turned out to be…..

​It was a warm home coming experience and pictures came to me naturally, just like always in Cambodia. That’s reassuring and gives me good hope for the future. You can’t Go Wrong here’!

Enjoy 36 Exposures!

You can preview and buy the magazine here.

Srah Srang basin Angkor Wat Cambodia
Srah Srang basin Angkor Wat Cambodia morning rituals
Angkor Wat Cambodia temple morning light
Cambodia Angkor Wat temple gate
Angkor Wat temple girls in traditional dress
Phnom Penh_skyline Cham floating village
Cambodia Cham minorities mekong river
Old building abstract in Phnom Penh
Cambodian buddhist monks portraits
Cambodia Khmer rouge prison S-21
36 Exposures by Michael Klinkhamer Blurb book 02-2022

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