• Requiem for Photographer Tim Page
    Requiem for friend, mentor and legend Tim Page, born 25 May 1944 who passed away from illness at the age of 78, on 24th August 2022. 
  • Cambodia 36 exposures on film in 2022
    36 Exposures is my homage to the people of Cambodia. It is also my tribute to film photography and my love for magazines and photo’s in print. The days when […]
  • About the most prominent professor of Khmer/Cambodian History and it’s hidden secrets.
    Jean-Michel Filippi is the most prominent professor of linguistics at the Royal University of Phnom Penh- Cambodia.For historical and current Khmer knowledge his website is a great source of information.https://www.publikam.com/en/All […]
  • Eye (I) Care for Cambodia
    At least 1 billion people have a vision impairment that could have been prevented or has yet to be addressed.  In 2016 I was asked to do some portraits for […]
  • Working for Cambodia
    During my time in Cambodia from 2015 until 2020, I was involved and worked as photographer/videographer for local and international NGO’s in Cambodia. (NGO stands for non governmental organisation) Perhaps […]
  • Ferrari 488 Spider, a Superb Visual Driving Experience.
    Looking at the Ferrari 488 Spider for the first time is an overwhelming visual experience.  Photographing the Corso Red color Ferrari on a beautiful Sunday morning is an invitation to […]
  • Cars & Motorbikes shoots by Michael Klinkhamer Fotografie Studio Amsterdam
    Selection of remarkable international road trips and photoshoots in Europe for magazines and some of the best automobile manufactures in the world. Porsche Boxter S Roadtrip on the Route Napoleon […]
  • ‘I am a full time escapist’
    Peter Beard, an interview in Manhattan,  N.Y.C 2012. Words: Michael Klinkhamer.Photography: Peter Beard, Michael Klinkhamer, Pirelli, Taschen.First published in Big Black Book magazine. and GUP, special edition booklet. Wherever he […]
  • The Art of Portrait Photography
    Peter Klashorst is after 60 years of making art a certified “art barbarian” and one of the last art Mohicans. He was at a very young age confident enough to sell his first paintings and never stopped.
  • Art photographs from Michael Klinkhamer for on your wall.
    Now order your “Moodimage‘‘ directly from for on your wall here for custom orders and affordable deals directly from the artist. Frangipani Flowers in the Rain by Michael KlinkhamerBuy this […]
  • Narouz Moltzer the happiest Amsterdam artist during Covid
    A spontaneous portrait of Narouz Moltzer. The story behind the happiest Amsterdam artist during Covid.
  • Beautiful women and expensive cars
    Contrary to what is often claimed, it is not only men who love beautiful and expensive cars. Many women also like to step into a luxurious, sporty or robust car.
  • Nuit Noire Eau de Parfum moodboard
    Moodboard and advertising images for Nuit Noire Eau de Parfum
  • Only sky above us in the Dutch polder landscape
    Beautiful sky photography in Dutch polder landscape, made in August 2019 during a photo tour in The Netherlands by Michael Klinkhamer.
  • The spontaneous Cambodian model shoot
    One day I was asked on very short notice by a photography workshop client who wanted to get into exploring model shoots on location in Cambodia. it is fun to use my local contacts and I always have liked the idea of combining traditional local culture and travel photography with something totally different.
  • Phnom Penh|The private photo tour that became a shoot
    Life in Phnom Penh is so full of surprises and twists that it’s often best to go with the flow. See what can happen on a beautiful day in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Below you can read about the private Photo Tour we did with Charley & Jiayu in Phnom Penh.