About the most prominent professor of Khmer/Cambodian History and it’s hidden secrets.

Jean-Michel Filippi is the most prominent professor of linguistics at the Royal University of Phnom Penh- Cambodia.
For historical and current Khmer knowledge his website is a great source of information.
All pictures taken at the National Museum of Cambodia by MK

For more than a century, Angkor Wat has been beyond any reasonable doubt equated with the quintessence of Cambodian culture.

In September 1862, when Cambodia was not yet under the French protectorate rule, Admiral Bonnard went to Udong at that time King Norodom I’s capital and then to Siem Reap. This was the first time that a high ranking French official wrote a report on the famous ruins that we now know as Angkor.

Bonnard wrote: “Legend, history and religion of this vanished people are here, showed to the eyes of the skeptic who won’t be able anymore to deny that today’s poverty-stricken Cambodia could once and can still feed a great artistic and industrious people”. Read more here.

Jean-Michel Filippi © Klinkhamer Photography