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  • Sheltering Skies over Morocco

    Sheltering Skies over Morocco

    #Moroccan Girl “I was recently reminded of Morocco in the late 1980s and of a haunting photo I once took there of a young girl stoically looking out over a river in a dry valley.”Fortunately, I could find the 38 year old film negatives from the Morocco trip in one of my film archive binders.I…

  • Cambodia Photo Tours~Preah Pithu T-Kor Sak Temple

    Cambodia Photo Tours~Preah Pithu T-Kor Sak Temple

    This article is part of the Cambodia Photo Tours and workshops experience.We are happy to inspire and help you in pursuing to craft your photographic vision subject matter and style. This article and pictures are part of my visual logbook. From 2013 to 2020 I took daily photography walks around the Phnom Penh and deeper into…