Kissing couples in the streets of Amsterdam

Amsterdam fototour kussend stelletje

” Crash Into Me.”

As we walked the city from the Leidseplein towards the Rijksmuseum we encountered a romantic scene of two lovers saying goodbye after a long night and going their separate ways. Their passionate kissing was happening right in front of me, and they were so self-absorbed in love that they didn’t see or hear me.

Amsterdam photo tour kissing couple by Michael Klinkhamer

“The Kiss” by the Hôtel de Ville – Photo by Robert Doisneau in Paris

The whole scene reminded me of “The Kiss” by the Hôtel de Ville – Photo by Robert Doisneau. His is a better snap, but some people say it was staged. Mine is certainly not!

robert doisneau kiss photo

Street photography from Ed van der Elsken

Another great street photographer that springs to mind is Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990). Van der Elsken was always to be found with his camera capturing the people on the street. He shot great moments in the streets of Amsterdam, Paris, and many other cities.

amsterdam photo tour ed-van-der-elsken

Ed van der Elsken his color work is currently on display at the Nederlands Fotomuseum

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