Portrait photography from the 90s

portret dick maas en tatjana simec michael klinkhamer

In the 90s, the Dutch series Flodder, directed by Dick Maas, was a tremendous success. Below is this talented man who would later claim many more successes with his hand on the chest of former playmate model Tatjana Simec.

Portrait of Dick Maas and Tatjana Simec during Flodder by Michael Klinkhamer
Dick Maas & Tatjana Simec

Dick Maas is one of Holland’s most successful directors. His most famous Dutch films are Flodder, Amsterdamned and De Lift. The young filmmaker Jeffrey De Vore uses unique and never-before-seen images to show the story behind his success in a new documentary.

This documentary called “De Dick Maas Methode” promises to be funny and revealing and will appear in cinemas from 1 October 2020.

Other well-known icons from the 1990s that appeared in front of Michael Klinkhamer’s lens include Willem van Hanegem, Charles Groenhuijsen, Sylvia Millecam (r.i.p.), Maarten van Rossum and Peter Post.

Portrait of Willem van Hanegem in the 90's by Michael Klinkhamer
Portrait Willem van Hanegem
Portrait of a young Charles Groenhuijsen by Michael Klinkhamer in the nineties
PortraCharles Groenhuijsen
Portrait of Sylvia Millecam (rip) by Michael Klinkhamer in the nineties
Sylvia Millecam r.i.p.
Black and white portrait of Maarten van Rossum by Michael Klinkhamer in the nineties
Maarten van Rossum
Black and white portrait of Peter Post by Michael Klinkhamer in the nineties
Peter Post

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