Ferrari 488 Spider, a Superb Visual Driving Experience.



Looking at the Ferrari 488 Spider for the first time is an overwhelming visual experience. 

Photographing the Corso Red color Ferrari on a beautiful Sunday morning is an invitation to the eyes and a great way to unravel the intriguing Ferrari design details, and let’s not forget it’s full F1 race pedigree.

Follow me on my journey to capture the best and learn to see what the Ferrari 488 Spider is all about. Buckle up and let’s go!


Ferrari, the Icon, a dream come true 

Remember that almost all Ferrari’s share the same history, glory and iconic linkage toward it’s legendary founder Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari’s debut was in 1947 with the 125 S, an open full blooded 12 cylinders race car with a red  elegant exterior.

This time it’s a fast forward to our Italian model of the day, we are looking here at the 2018 Ferrari 488 Spider, launched in 2015 and in production until 2019.

Designed by Ferrari ‘s own Styling Centre under master director designer Flavio Manzoni. The Ferrari 488 Spider is powered by a mid-rear 3,9 litre twin turbo V8 engine, this was and is part of the Ferrari philosophy that its current production sports cars should be as close to the F-1 specifications Scuderia Ferrari as possible. 

Fortunately our treat of the day is powered with the V8 turbo charged, dry sump engine that is able to deliver 670 horsepower and a sprint from 0 to 100 km in 3.1 seconds. Motor: 3902 cc V8 biturbo | Engine power 670 pk at 8.000 rpm | Torque 760 Nm at 3.000 rpm | Transmission: 7-stage double clutch | Top Speed: 325+ km/h | 0-100 km/h: 3 seconds | Weight: 1.525 kg.

A blisstering top speed of 325km/h that is combined with high revs, razor sharp responsiveness and an amazing soundtrack, plus gorgeous looks in the legendary Ferrari Corso red color.

Special curved aerodynamics and those sexy looks

The underlying great looking design appearance is actually only the first thing you notice, especially when you see a Ferrari pass you by at very high speeds. But there is so much more underneath the surface, that you won’t notice but is perhaps equally amazing.

Over the past decades the Ferrari designers and F1 sport experience is all combined and refined through meticulous engineering and innovations that reflect right into the 488 Spider. 

For example, the 488 houses an innovative aerodynamic underbody and aluminium+carbon materials, since weight reduction is very important to an open sports car. 

Also the rigidity of the chassis is paramount for driver accuracy, safety and agility on every driving surface. Parts you won’t be able to see. Minimizing drag and maximizing downforce are the name of the game here as in any F1 car. 

With an aerodynamic efficiency of 1.53 the Ferrari 488 Spider is another chapter in the ongoing development of open top Sports Cars from Maranello-Italy. 

  • Ferrari-488-Spider_Red_klinkhamerphoto

What we do see here in the pictures by photographer Klinkhamer is the sexy exterior and the just stunning organic flow of the Ferrari 488 Spider in full motion and standing still in front of the equally beautiful brand new villa of the proud owner.

His Master’s Voice

His Master’s Voice; Ferrari-488, Driver/owner Marcel Melis

Gentlemen start your engines! 

With a push of the red start button the engine jumps to live with the characteristic raspy roar of a full bred Ferrari. We hit the nice country lanes before we surpass legal speeds on the Dutch highway.

Other drivers respond flabbergasted, intrigued or annoyed by so much excitement and speed of sound that flashes by in a red blur of power. Thumbs go up, cars honk behind us in amazement.


The drive is actually very comfortable; the 7 speed transmission can be done in auto mode or can be flicked into any position by the flick of a finger by the F1 style shift paddles behind the almost square steering wheel, which houses the most important driving settings and preferred sport/or comfort damper positions.

With powerful acceleration thrusts we seem to fly, and our Sunday morning drive is a whirlwind of surging power, brutal soundtrack and utter excitement. Born to be fast! 

Owner Marcel explains that driving his Ferrari 488 Spider is for him a total experience and it took him some time to get fully adjusted and getting used to. And particularly the full width of a 1.95,2 meter bolide compared to his daily drive, also a not too shabby Porsche 911S. 

The Porsche 911S drive feels to him like a warm comfortable old jacket. The Porsche is powerful enough and fast but also pretty normal, like designed for a responsible person. The 488 Spider is utter madness and stylistic excitement on a whole other level. His 488 Ferrari is a totally different driving experience full of excitement, adrenaline and joy.

One of a kind

And yes, this Ferrari 488 Spider is a one of a kind. Fully spec out. Rosso Corso livery, gold look Brembo brake calipers, racing bucket seats, carbon air- intakes ducts, passenger speedometer display, blond leather interior, etc, etc. A full list with all option configuration details is located in the luggage compartment, see the image below.


Marcel states that for him owning a Ferrari is just a hobby, something he wanted to enjoy after realizing certain business successes and just because he just could do it, and so he did.