On a raw empty stomach in Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Phnom Penh 20 January 2022

While we in the west are deliberating over our viruses, self proclaimed problems and media engulfed fake doom.

Being back in Phnom Penh after almost two years is wonderful experience and reconnecting with the Cambodian reality again.

During my early morning walk to get a coffee and some food I noticed two young children crossing the busy road full of people on their motorbikes toward the jobs.

Looking raggedy and shoeless, dirty, and carrying some bags. 

The smells, the heat, the urban energy and certainly the madness, and the wonderful people trying to survive it’s all there on an empty stomach.

The older boy hurrying his playful young sister to get moving toward their mum, waiting with the youngest child. 

Mother covered with a traditional kroma headscarf, the baby in her arms wearing a dirty huge long sleeve shirt, no shoes and black feet sticking underneath. Painful!

Beautiful poor Cambodian family, caught in these harsh times.

Phnom Penh city with the current metro area has a population of 2,211,000, a 3.13% increase from 2021.

Phnom Penh is a merciless growling steam machine at times. Only money can buy you some security here. Then again there is peace and a small town vibe also. Heaven and hell, a constant sense of shifting dynamics and human will power with a warm smile of dignity.

The smile of the mother says it all. She is confident and her children are learning the ropes and one look at the girl in red you will see the sparkle of survival in her eyes.

I am sure this family “between a rock and a heart place” know their way around and find food and probably come from the countryside to the city for survival and catch up with their family members, or the father working or selling his produce at the market. 

Location is one block from my room at the  Phsar Daeum Kor, an incredible 24/7 open market and food distribution hub in the heart of the city of Phnom Penh.

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